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cheap make up bag
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Project 365 - 28.01.08
Project 365 - 28.01.08
For today's picture I decided to empty my handbag and show the world its contents. I have a lot of things in my bag but I really really need all of them. :*) Ok from the top working clockwise. 1. My bag from Sussans. 2. Keys. 3. Office Mail. 4. My 2008 Moleskine. 5. Japanese Fabric Pen Holder. 6. Thumb Drive. 7. My Seal. (Actually its a stamp with my name and address on it) 8. Olympus Camera. 9. iPod Nano 10. Padded case for my iPod Nano. 11. My portable radio I got cheap from the post office. Sometimes I get sick listening to the same song over and over again. 12. My Dopod. 13. Zippered coin pouch. 14. The Cancer Council Sun Screen with Insect Repellent. Yes I carry it around with me because I do go out in the sun a lot. 15. Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. This Ointment is meant to treat nappy rash but I use it for my lips and also for cuts and gashes that I normally get. Thanks to Tiff for introducing me to this brilliant stuff. 16. LeSportSac make up pouch. Inside it stores painkillers and womanly stuff, if you know what I mean. 17. My Gocco printed Moleskine notebook where I jot down every single thing from shopping lists to notes on how to use my camera. 18. My current favourite RED leather wallet bought by one of my client from some where they visited. I think its made in Germany.
What's in my bag, you ask?
What's in my bag, you ask?
I have been wanting to do this since forever!!! And my purse has been getting ridiculously full lately (my cousin called it a "wonder bag" cause of all the things that I could fit in it) and while laying it all out, I really can't believe all the stuff in it! haha Have fun! ;P On a side note, I also usually carry my keys, my pink bible, and a notebook of some sort :) Used to carry my pink Sony Cybershot until my stupid sister lost it :(

cheap make up bag