Cheap Benefit Makeup

cheap benefit makeup
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cheap benefit makeup - Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Cosmetics stay don't stray
Benefit Cosmetics stay don't stray
What it is:A 360 degree primer for concealers and eyeshadows.What it does:Tell your eye makeup to stay, don't stray! This dual-action primer works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers and eyeshadows REALLY stay put. Concealers never crease and eyeshadows stay vibrant and trueayou'll wonder how you ever lived without it!What else you need to know:Stay Don't Stray preps, protects, AND perfects!Preps: The lightweight formula blends seamlessly into skin, brightens eye area to minimize the appearance of fine lines, and comes in a universally flattering nude shade.Protects: Hydrates with sodium hyaluronate to lock in moisture, fights signs of aging with Vitamins C & E, and is paraben-free.Perfects: It's long-wearing to keep makeup looking fresh, locks on ALL concealers & eyeshadows and prevents creasing of eye makeup.

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65. Just as I am.
65. Just as I am.
I've been tagged again, thankyou. 1. Thing you cannot leave the house without? My phone, or camera. Depends where I'm going to be honest. 2. Favorite brand of makeup? Benefits and FrontCover. Although, I use everything going. 3. Favorite flower? Probably daisies! 4. Favorite clothing store? Topshop, definitely. 5. Favorite perfume? Roxy Love (It sounds so cheap but it's loveeeely). 6. Heels or flats? Flats, they're more comfortable and I never wear heels. 7. Do you make good grades? I do, but I always feel I could do better. 8. Favorite colors? Yellow and deep red. They are very different, but I love them both. 9. Do you drink energy drinks? Nope. Although I used to drink a lot of Lucozade for sports. 10. Do you drink juice? Who doesn't?! 11. Do you like swimming? Not as much as I used to, but yeah, it's okay. 12. Do you eat fries with a fork? Somtimes.. 13. Favorite moisturizer? I only use Asda's.. ;) 14. Do you want to get married later on in life? I do, but to be honest I don't see it happening. 15. Do you get mad easily? No, I'm verrrry tolerant. Or so it seems. 16. Are you into ghost hunting? No, but I do believe them. 17. Any phobias? Dead fish, and puppets. 18. Do you bite your nails? I bite/pick my skin around them, but my nails are doing well ;) 19. Have you ever had a near death experience? No. 20. Do you drink coffee? I don't like tea, and I don't like coffee. Hot chocolate<3
tried and true
tried and true
everytime i'm leaning over the sink putting makeup on, my hubby says, time for photoshop =D thought i'd share my photoshop tools here cuz i think these are great products that really work . i'm not going for the glamorous look . just wanna look like i got my beauty sleep (or the kind of sleep that actually makes you look more beautiful or just refreshed than you were the night before) and that i really live a healthy lifestyle . har har har . not in picture are .. Shu Uemura Lash curler Shiseido spf55 sunscreen lotion and Benefit Posie Lip/cheekstain (in the Metallic Rose glass bottle) .

cheap benefit makeup