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Cristina Boyd broadcast her ALA Cristina Show live from the KKUP 91.5 FM studios in San Jose, CA in Spanish and English. The show is scheduled Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. You can hear a diversity of genres as music of the Andes, Rural Latin-American, Latin-Jazz fusion, Flamenco-fusion, Cuban, Brazilian-Bossa Nova, Spanish Caribbean, tangos…, documentaries, art and literature.  You can hear the ALA Cristina show all over the world – we are streaming live from KKUP.org

Latin Jazz ClubThe Latin club Padrino Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs

Latin Jazz club is place where local and international musicians can connect and create world friends.  There is diversity of musicians and styles of Latin Jazz fusion with rhythms from Cuba, Spanish Caribbean, European and African musical elements.  If you need more information about my project  Contact me.


This page is designed with the idea of helping people involved into Art, Music, and Literature of the Hispanic culture to share, promote their work and inspire other people. If you are interested in being part of this exciting project feel free to contact me, so we can teach and educate people and build a better world for our future generation in the Bay Area and around the world and together we can do it. 

          ALA Cristina Blog

ALA is a program dedicated to the Latin community of the Bay Area and those aficionados of Latin music. One of the biggest decisions I had to make when I started the show was whether to do my program only in Spanish or in both Spanish and English, but thinking of the friends I have from other cultures that love Latin music; I decided not to limit myself and the show, and to do it in both languages. 

               The Guitar Club

This is a page where local and international guitarists can meet and create musical friends from around the globe.  If you are a professional guitarist into Flamenco fusion – Jazz, Rumba, Bossa Nova, Latin, Cuba, tango ..., Traditional Flamenco guitar, Classical guitar and Latin America guitar styles and want more information about this project  contact me.


   We are connected to the world

This page was created with the idea of showing the life of the indigenous communities of Latin America in the rural towns, there love and dedication to the agriculture, yearly celebration to Pachamama (mother earth) and how they provide a pago a la tierra (payment to the earth)

ALA - Music, Art, Literature, Real life topics 

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  • Flamenco My Passion Flamenco is my passion, during my research to create this article I discovered that the information about Flamenco only goes back three generations.  Throughout the 70s the traditional Flamenco music ...
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  • Bay Area Legend Guitarist Moro My Friend, Bay Area Legend Guitarist MoroFor me it’s a pleasure to introduce my great friend Guitarist Moro a legend of the Bay Area.  He’s well recognized ...
    Posted Nov 24, 2017, 7:55 AM by Cris Boyd
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