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Search tools

Some search engines that are particularly useful for physicians include:

Entrez ( a meta-database of journals and other information; access gene data and PubMed from here)
GeneTests (information and links to gene tests for particular diseases)
GeneReviews ( a subset of the GeneTests database)
Healthfinder (for patients as well as physicians; includes a database of government-sponsored and non-profit sites)
HONMedhunt (a meta-search engine; search from database of HON-accredited sites)
Intute (UK based, resources are evaluated by human specialists)
Journal Watch (access to a collection of journals; some are open-source) (sign up for news alerts on topics like oncology)
Medscape (offers up-to-date conference coverage of many major conferences like ASCO)
eMedicine (a subset of Medscape, includes clinical references) (see, especially, the "MedPro" tab)
OMIM (another meta-engine; will link to Gene Tests site)
PubMed (in addition to searches, use it to create cancer genetics alerts)
SearchMedica (allows you to refine searches by categories; suggests related concepts)
Scirus (a multipurpose scientific search site; you can email, save, or export your search results)
Scienceroll Search (you can tailor your searches to focus on cancer and/or genetics)
Vadlo Seminars (use the dropdown menu by the search bar to search databases, online tools, protocols, and PowerPoints)

An exercise: To test which databases are particularly useful for your needs, try entering the same keywords into at least five different search engines and record the top five urls that are displayed on the first page of search results. Which databases provide the most relevant results for your purposes?

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