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Page 3. Locating a service and referral steps

Locating a genetic specialist

These are some resources that will help you locate a genetic counselor and other genetic specialists
The figure below illustrates how to find a counselor using the NSGC database.

Basic steps associated with a referral

Before the consultation
  1. Collect the data you need to provide to the genetic specialist (medical history and records, family health history, any pedigree information, information about reason for referral)
  2. Contact a genetic service and coordinate an appointment  (Step 1 and 2 may be conducted in parallel.)
  3. Prepare your patient for referral (the subject of your PBL)
After your patient receives a consultation,
  1. You'll communicate with the genetic service and review the consultation information
  2. You'll follow-up with your patient and implement an appropriate health care strategy (Lesson 8)
  3. You'll periodically revisit the need for additional referral

Photo Credit

Adapted from National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics, National Society of Genetic Counselors.
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Page 3. Locating a service and referral steps