PBL challenge

Think about your practice. What kinds of patients do you see? What communication challenges have you faced? What have your successes been like?

For your PBL challenge, you will be divided into groups. Each group will focus on a specific scenario.

Group 1. Poor health literacy
Group 2. Age differences
Group 3. Cultural differences
Group 4. Gender differences

For each scenario, a group will create a artifact showing the impact of these issues on taking a family history targeted to assess genetic risk for cancer. The type of artifact is up to your group. Simulated doctor-patient interactions can be demonstrated in:
  • a podcast
  • a video
  • a graphical representation (e.g., a digital story)
  • a dialogue or script
Each group will develop a tip sheet highlighting strategies for overcoming a specific communication barrier (e.g., poor health literacy, age, cultural differences, gender differences) while taking a targeted family history.You'll be sharing tip sheets with each other. Post your artifacts and tip sheets in Post your solutions. Provide feedback to your fellow learners in the Discussion forum and post your thoughts on the other topics listed in the discussion forum as well.

You'll find information on how this PBL will be evaluated on the Post your solutions page