Studio Hours
Call to make a date to use our work space if you need a place to spread out and make a mess, or if you want advice or feedback on a project. Mon - Thur. 10-4.
For use of a small space and tools (together with other activities occurring) - $8.00
For renting the room or for a private lesson - $10-15 an hour.
** To rent the room for an event, please call to see what is available. Minimum price is $20 for 2 - 3 hours incl. use of all tools, projector, computer and other facilities. 

Classes are priced by the teacher providing the class as follows:
Sunday Craft Sessions - $12-15 depending on materials of any particular project
Painting with Aleks Balos - $20-40 sliding scale per 3-hour lesson, 64 class minimum ($120 a month). For an individual class $30.
Watercolors with Tom O'Hara - $20 for a two hour session
Beginning Ukulele with Jean Marie Z - $45 for 4 lessons, $5 ukulele rental or $30 to purchase
Ukulele Jam Sessions (incl. instruction) by donation
Ukulele Lessons - $50 for four 1-hr sessions
Basket Weaving with Leona Nelson $50 for a three hour session
Free Your Creativity using Art as Therapy with Atara Melo - $20 for a 2-3 hour session
Jewelry Making with Jane Rothenberg - $50 for four sessions

Workshops & Individual Projects
An average craft project costs between $10-20, with some projects as low as $8 depending on materials and time spent working on it. Projects are tailored to meet your own tastes and skill level so that you are satisfied with the outcome and price. Call to reserve a spot for a family project or for a group of friends. All workshops require pre-registration.
There are many projects to choose from (see photo page for samples) - here is a small sample of what's offered:

Average Project Prices
Small photo gilded plate $10
Large photo gilded plate $15
Fabric Wreath: small $12, large $15
Small decorated flower pot $10
Medium flower pot $12
Large flower pot $15
Make a card $4.00; make as many as you can in 90 minutes - $12
Etch a vase, plate or mug $15
Foil embellishments $12
Decorate small items $8
Home décor projects $10-12
Pysanki eggs $20 for 2
Paper window blessing $15
Handmade paper bouquet $15
Snowbodies $15
Paper lanterns $12-15 depending on complexity
Memory book $15-20 depending on complexity and embellishments
Family Tree $20
Party Spaces
We provide space and activities for parties of all kinds, however space is limited  (avg. 10 - 15 people) so please call ahead.
Prices are arranged by the selected activity and supplies. We set up, clean up, and decorate as necessary.
It's worth checking out as your next option!
Average child's birthday costs $7.50 - $10 per child with a $5 room rental fee.

Now selling craft supplies, such as beads & beading tools, craft paper, stickers, candle wicks, rubber stamps, scrapbook and many other craft supplies