A Place for You

A Melo Place is an activity center that provides members a quiet and supported place to be creative or learn new skills. It is not necessary to have any artistic experience or to be “crafty.” A selection of materials is always available, and our staff will clean up afterwards.

A Melo Place offers a variety of affordable projects for anyone who would like to spend time away from home, engaged in creative activities using a variety of media, e.g. paint or clay, paper, cloth, ribbons, lace, flowers or wood, including many recycled materials. Work independently or on a guided project with personal instruction.  Each member selects their preferred materials and determines how much assistance is desired. There are special projects for seniors and support for people with disabilities. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Accommodations are available for people with physical disabilities. The location is ADA compliant; our activities can be modified for different abilities, and there are special projects for people living with Alzheimer’s.

A library of creative crafts is available for inspiration. Each activity is developed and guided step-by-step by an experienced art facilitator. We provide a safe and secure environment, with support for personal needs if necessary. Hot/cold drinks and light snacks are available for our clients.

Prices are arranged per hour and materials used, with a discount for using recycled materials. An average project ranges from $8-15 per session depending on materials, with discounts for using recycled materials or bringing materials to share.

Find us on Google Maps and Facebook – “A Melo Place”

Every human being is capable of creating and enjoying aesthetically pleasing experiences,
and everyone can create something worthwhile!

** Would YOU like to teach a workshop...? We schedule all workshops six weeks in advance. Call to schedule a workshop soon. **