Photos, sons & vidéos


In Pavia with girls from the Bioacoustic team



Crocodiles' stories....

Calling in the egg: 

listen pre-hatching calls.wav
see the video of a Nile crocodile hatching.wmv 


Experiments in La Ferme aux Crocodiles (

  see how Samuel Martin took away crocodile mothers to settle a loudspeaker.wmv

see a mother digging the sand while hearing pre-hatching calls.wmv 


A field trip in Guyana







On the rupununi river with Peter Taylor FROM THE CAIMAN HOUSE FIELD STATION   
                       BLACK CAIMANS
  Juveniles and adults

              The French bioacoustic team 
Nicolas Mathevon, Amélie Vergne & Thierry Aubin

An heavy male BLACK CAIMAN : 3.50 m length

(captured for labelling)