About me :

My name is Amélie Aussel, and I am currently a postdoctoral scholar at Boston University.

My main research interest is to get better understanding of neural oscillations, and their implications in cognitive processes and illnesses. The main tool I use to achieve this goal is computational modeling, i.e. numerical simulations of biophysically realistic neural networks.

In my current project, as part of the Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative, I am studying attention and how different cortical and thalamic regions interact through neural oscillations to process visual stimuli.

Before that, I obtained my PhD at the LORIA and the CRAN laboratoriein the University of Lorraine, France. I was also involved in teaching activities at the Ecole des Mines and the UFR Math-Info in Nancy.

My PhD research project consisted in studying the hippocampus, a small region of the brain which is involved in many cognitive processes such as memory or spatial navigation, as well as in a common form of refractory epilepsy, again through the use of computational modeling.

Here is a short video explaining the first part of my PhD work :