Ameet Morjaria

academic position
Associate Professor (untenured), Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
other affiliations 
Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD)
CEPR Industrial Organization & Development Economics Program
International Growth Center (IGC) 
Center for the Study of Industrial Organizations, Northwestern University (CSIO NU)  
Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship, Northwestern University
Global Poverty Research Lab (GPRL), Northwestern University


fields Economic Development, Organizational Economics, Political Economy of Developing Countries


            joint with Robin Burgess, Remi Jedwab, Edward Miguel and Gerard Padro i Miquel
            American Economic Review, June 2015
            Media coverage: KelloggInsight;; AEA Research Highlight 
            joint with Rocco Macchiavello
            American Economic Review, September 2015
            Media coverage: KelloggInsight; AEA Research HighlightMicroeconomic Insights
                                         working papers

               joint with Rocco Macchiavello
               Status: 2nd round revision requested, July 2020
               Media coverage: National Agricultural Export Board RwandaThe East African; The New Times
               Policy Notes: IGC

               joint with Christopher Ksoll and Rocco Macchiavello 
               Status: Revision requested at Review of Economics and Statistics, November 2012
               Media coverage:                
               Policy Notes: iiG
     Product Conflation and Market Design: Evidence from Ethiopia's Commodity Exchange
                Status: Draft paper, Oct 2020
                Presentations: MIT Organizational Economics lunch, Yale Mini-Kuznets Conference 2020, 6th Workshop on Relational Contracts

     Entry, Growth, and Exit in Ethiopia's New Industry
                Status: Draft paper, February 2020
                Presentations: NBER Africa 2019, Northwestern University        
                Status: Working paper, November 2018
                                        work in progress
       Governance in Agricultural Supply Chains: Evidence from Rwanda and 
                    joint with Barron Talamas  
                    Status: fieldwork completed
                    Funding: Gate and Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship

       Quality Upgrading and Pass-Through in Uganda's Coffee Sector
               joint with Jie Bai, Lauren Falcao Bergquist and Yulu Tang
                  Status: pilots ongoing
                  Funding: PEDL, ATAI/MITx2, IGCx2, Weiss, and Milton