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Cheap Fuji Camera

cheap fuji camera
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Fuji Natura S Aqua 1.9
Fuji Natura S Aqua 1.9
This camera was only sold in Japan. It's got a very fast 24 mm lens. It's a film camera that really shines when used with Fuji's ISO 800 and 1,600 film. It's meant for night photography. This is not a toy, despite its appearance. It has a fine lens. it's just an oddball camera. I hope to carry it with me and give it quite a bit of use. It's not cheap, either. The black version goes for over $500 on eBay these days. It does not have a zoom lens, but a 24 mm f 1.9 lens. The lens is a good one, too. So, this camera will only do very wide angle shots, but can handle low light. Using ISO 800 or 1,600 film disables the auto flash. That's something you can do manually via the settings in the back. Again, the ability to read Japanese helps. The version in black is much more expensive these days, but it's also more famous. The manual is in Japanese, of course, so I'll have to get my friends to translate bits and pieces. I'm very happy to have been able to buy this camera on eBay.
Cheap Filter and Hood for X100
Cheap Filter and Hood for X100
First get two 49mm filters. One with glass that is bad or you don't mind discarding. Also get a hood to your liking if you want. i got an old Pentax 28mm hood that has a nice compression lock that fits over 49mm filters. Filters and rings were under $20 from a local used camera store. Image (3) shows one of the filters taken apart. Just unwind the the lock ring shown in (1) using a small screwdriver to fit in the notch. (4) shows the glassless filter screwed onto the lens. (5) shows a skylight filter uses to protect the lens. You can screw back in the silver thread cover that comes with the X100 onto the exposed male threads if you want. (6) I added my hood instead. Works well though it does block some of the optical viewfinder. I am happy with it though I will replace my "Black's" skylight filter with a better multicoated one soon.

cheap fuji camera
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