Study Skills and Tips

Welcome to the CatSources directory for study skills and tips.  All of the resources here were researched by the CatSources team because we believe them to be invaluable to students and parents when it comes to studying smart and keeping ahead of the game.  Whether it's tips on organization, time management, or note-taking, you'll find the know-how here!

Study Skills
  • Improving Study Skills in Middle School -
    This simple list of do's and don'ts can really help put study time to good use.  From creating a good study environment through pointers of mental preparation, this site can help get you well on your way to productive studying, which in turn leads to better grades.
  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy - All Areas - Database/Activities
    Khan Academy
    When it comes to Khan Academy, the question isn't what does it have available, but what doesn't it have available?  Khan Academy has everything a learner, teacher, or parent could ask for when it comes to various test preps. The videos are designed to be easy to follow and let you review and learn at your own pace.  This is an absolute gem of a resource!
Note-Taking Styles and Tips
  • Cornell Notes - The Learning Toolbox
    Cornell Notes
    This style of note-taking was developed by a Cornell University professor in the 1950s, but the style is still very much relevant today.  It helps with organized note-taking and streamlines studying for tests.  Its use is also advocated in the best-selling book How to Study in College.

AMCMS Resources
  • AMCMS Resources - AMCMS 
    All AMCMS resources like school power point presentations can be accessed here.

Citations and Research
  • Google Scholar -
    Google Scholar
    We all know the power of the Google search engine.  This extension of that engine is specialized to only include search results that are worthy of being cited in research papers and projects.  As much as we all love Wikipedia, it's just not as reliable as the sources you can find using Google Scholar.  Popular college research tool!

  • Purdue Online Writing Lab - OWL at Purdue University
    This website, compiled by the Writing Lab at Purdue University, is a go-to source for know-how on how to conduct proper research, how to use research, and how to properly cite sources using MLA, APA, and Chigaco citation formats.  A favorite among college students and professors alike!