Social Studies

Welcome to the CatSources directory for social studies resources.  All resources are organized in alphabetical order by topic name.  The listing will also include an subject area designation (ex. history, government, etc.) and a resource type (ex. review, game, etc.).

  • Traveler IQ Challenge - TravelPod - World Geography - Game
    Traveler IQ
    Just how well do you know your geography? With categories for just about every continent, the USA challenge, and more, this is an addicting game that gives you points depending on how close you are to pinpointing the location of a given city, monument, or famous place!  A challenge for adults as well, this game had the CatSources team hooked!

  • Mission US - Thirteen - US History/Revolutionary Era - Interactive Website/Game
    Mission US
    Ever wondered about the time period in which our great nation came into being?  With this great interactive website/game, you can explore the Revolutionary Era by registering and signing in (don't worry; all CatSources-worthy resources are free) and running interactive missions and completing tasks at hand.  Mission-US is a great way to have fun while learning invaluable information on just how the United States was born.

  • KidsClick! Web Search - Kent State University - All Areas - Web Search site
    KidsClick! is a search site that a group of librarians designed just for kids to search for social studies topics of their choosing!  Because of this, every site that is listed in their search results is kid friendly, which makes them CatSources Approved, as well!  Search results have grade level suggestions and include whether illustrations are present.  GREAT research tool!

  • Kids Only? Texas Beyond History - University of Texas at Austin - Texas History - Interactive Website
    Texas Beyond History
    Fantastic facts, adventures, cool links, and more are included at this site put together by the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas.  Get an interesting insight as to the culture and history of our great state of Texas and have some fun while you're at it!

  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy - All Areas - Database/Activities
    Khan Academy
    When it comes to Khan Academy, the question isn't what does it have available, but what doesn't it have available?  Khan Academy has everything a learner, teacher, or parent could ask for when it comes to available topics to review.  The videos are designed to be easy to follow and let you review and learn at your own pace.  This is an absolute gem of a resource!

  • Middle School Social Studies - HomeworkSpot - All Areas - Website
    MS SS
    With links to today's news, quick reference resources, and information on all sorts of topics, HomeworkSpot's Middle School Social Studies resource site is a great one to start research on a social studies topic, get more information about a topic being discussed in class, or just see what's going on in the world today!