Welcome to the CatSources directory for science resources.  All resources are organized in alphabetical order by topic name.  The listing will also include an subject area designation (ex. biology, chemistry, etc.) and a resource type (ex. review, game, etc.).
NOTE: Some CatSources are relevant in more than one subject.  Some of the listings available here are also available on other subject pages.

Body Systems
  • The Amazing Human Body - HMH School Publishers - Biology - Interactive model review
    Amazing Human Body
    The human body is made up of several complex body systems.  With this interactive model, you can help reconstruct a skeleton (and learn the bones of the body), discover how the digestive system works, and even learn what part of the brain certain functions are controlled by.  This is a great tool for review!

  • World Biomes - Science Up Close (HMH SP) - Earth Science - Interactive review
    World Biomes
    Biomes are geographic areas on Earth that have the same types of plant and animal life.  This interactive review is great for audio/visual learners, as a voice-over reads the information on the page.  It also includes many stunning pictures to illustrate the different biomes.  Great for review!

  • CELLS alive! Interactive Cells - CELLSalive! - Biology - Interactive model review
    CELLS alive!
    Cellular biology is a big part of science classrooms today.  With this interactive model from CELLS alive!, you can get a visual representation of what the different types of Eukaryotic cells look like.  Also, clicking on the different organelles will give you a description of their function!  This is a great tool to review for tests on cell composition and organelle function.

  • Exploring Ecosystems - HMH School Publishers - Earth Science - Interactive review
    Exploring Ecosystems
    This interactive review is full of information on three different ecosystems: the Sonoran Desert, the Everglades, and the Arctic Coastal Plain.  With pictures and a built-in definition feature, this is a great tool to get some information about three of many different ecosystems present on our planet.

Health and Wellness
  • KidsHealth - KidsHealth from Nemours - Health - Website
    Whether it's information on braces, understanding the differences between strains and sprains, or tips on eating right, all the information a kid needs to know about staying healthy is right here!  The site includes audio, video, visuals, and even a Spanish translation feature that are reviewed by medical professionals for accuracy.  Also included are sections for parents and teens!
  • Science for Kids - Science for Kids - All Areas - Website
    Science for Kids
    Science for Kids' tagline is "Bringing science and technology together!" and this site does just that. With over 30 topics available for exploration and a compendium of experiments, videos, projects, quizzes, images, and games, Science for Kids is a great resource for science-buffs or students looking for some information to back up what they're learning in class.  There is way more information here than can be described, so take a look for yourself!

Overviews and Databases
  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy - All Areas - Database/Activities
    Khan Academy
    When it comes to Khan Academy, the question isn't what does it have available, but what doesn't it have available?  Khan Academy has everything a learner, teacher, or parent could ask for when it comes to available topics to review.  The videos are designed to be easy to follow and let you review and learn at your own pace.  This is an absolute gem of a resource!

Unit Conversion and Measurement
  • Animal Weigh-In - BBC Education - Measurement - Game
    Animal Weigh-In
    How well do you know your weight conversions?  Can you successfully convert pounds to kilograms?  This Shockwave game is designed to test your conversion skills on three levels.  Simply click and drag the correct weights over to the scale and click "balance" to check your answer!  NOTE: The higher levels of this game include British measurement systems as well as customary and metric.

  • Length Strength - HMH School Publishers - Measurement - Interactive Practice
    Length Strength
    In this interactive activity, students can get practice in measuring different objects and determining their length.  To play, simply click and drag the given ruler and drop it near the object to measure, then enter the correct measurement in the box.  Click check to verify!

Science Blogs
  • The Science Wondershop - Brian Williams - All Areas - Science Education Blog
    The Science Wondershop
    This resource is a wonder to behold!  Blogger Brian Williams writes about the many different areas of science world, whether it's the recent demotion of Pluto as a planet or how to make Alka Seltzer rockets from film canisters.  There are great posts on science activities, experiments, and current events dating all the way back to 2006.  This is a great resource for students, parents, and teachers alike!