Welcome to the CatSources directory for mathematics resources.  All resources are organized in alphabetical order by topic name.  The listing will also include an subject area designation (ex. algebra, measurement, etc.) and a resource type (ex. review, game, etc.).
NOTE: Some CatSources are relevant in more than one subject.  Some of the listings available here are also available on other subject pages.

Tips for Parents!
  • NCTM Family Resources - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Parent tips
    NCTM Family Resources
    The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is an organization dedicated to bettering our nation's mathematics education standards.  They've compiled a list full of resources for the parents and families of math students so that our students can get the help they need both at school and at home.  From homework help to a section on getting "up-to-speed" with math today, everything you need to help your child succeed is here.

  • Helping with Math Homework - CoolMath - Parent tips
    The CoolMath series of websites is compiled by a mathematics teacher and motivational speaker with an impressive background.  She herself has admitted to once heavily disliking the subject, but discovered how fun math can be when you have the right support.  This list of tips for parents helping with math homework is great for parents who want to help their child but don't quite know how to go about doing it.  Check it out!

  • Solving Linear Equations - Purplemath - Algebra/Pre-Algebra - Step-by-Step Review
    Purplemath takes the guesswork out of solving one-step, multi-step, and "no solution"/"all reals" linear equations.  This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of solving for x, the reason behind all actions, and models how to keep your work organized and easy-to-follow.  Simply choose the section involving the type of equations you want to solve and get started.

  • Guaranteach Fractions Resource - Guaranteach at Sophia Pathways - Numbers and Operations - Step-by-Step Video Reviews
    Guaranteach Fractions Resource
    Fractions are one of the most-feared topics in mathematics classrooms.  However, they aren't a topic to be afraid of if you have the right tools.  Guaranteach's Fractions Resource page has a vast list of their very best step-by-step fraction videos covering everything from an introduction to fractions to how to multiply and divide them.  This is a great resource for audio/visual learners!

Overviews and Activities
  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy - All Areas - Database/Activities
    Khan Academy
    When it comes to Khan Academy, the question isn't what does it have available, but what doesn't it have available?  Khan Academy has everything a learner, teacher, or parent could ask for when it comes to available topics to review.  The videos are designed to be easy to follow and let you review and learn at your own pace.  This is an absolute gem of a resource!

  • Illuminations - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - All Areas - Database/Activities
    Illuminations is a site that is loaded with great mathematics resources for all areas of math.  Activities like a tessellation-creator, an algebra tiles applet, and an adjustable spinner for probability are included for students who want some fun extra practice.  Parents can check out what sort of standards are being taught and check out links to more great resources that the NCTM has suggested.  Everything about Illuminations is 100% CatSources Approved!

  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Utah State University - All Areas - Manipulatives Database
    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
    Manipulatives are one of the most-used resources in math classes around the country.  Utah State University has compiled a library of virtual manipulatives so that these great, hands-on learning tools can be accessed from your computer.  Simply click the rectangle that pertains to the grade level and subject area you're looking for, and you've got a great list of online manipulatives to help practice your skills!

Unit Conversion and Measurement
  • Animal Weigh-In - BBC Education - Measurement - Game
    Animal Weigh-In
    How well do you know your weight conversions?  Can you successfully convert pounds to kilograms?  This Shockwave game is designed to test your conversion skills on three levels.  Simply click and drag the correct weights over to the scale and click "balance" to check your answer!  NOTE: The higher levels of this game include British measurement systems as well as customary and metric.

  • Length Strength - HMH School Publishers - Measurement - Interactive Practice
    Length Strength
    In this interactive activity, students can get practice in measuring different objects and determining their length.  To play, simply click and drag the given ruler and drop it near the object to measure, then enter the correct measurement in the box.  Click check to verify!