CatSources Team

The Concept
The faculty and staff at AMCMS have long been interested in piecing together a resource center for both parents and students alike.  Various formats were considered before the idea of a website was decided upon.

The CatSources Team
AMCMS hosts a number of senior methods students from Texas A&M University every semester.  These individuals are in the final stages of their teacher education and the certification process.  As a service project for one of their classes, the senior methods students at AMCMS for Fall 2011 approached Principal Dixon for ideas on how they could best help the school.  Principal Dixon suggested a number of different ideas, with the parent/student resource center as one of them.  The senior methods students decided to undertake the creation of the resource center, and thus, CatSources was born.

These senior methods students, the CatSources Team, are the ones searching the web, talking to AMCMS faculty and staff, and drawing upon their own pools of resources to list on CatSources.  They are doing their absolute best to make sure the resources are outstanding. This information is designed to help parents and students of the school that have graciously taken them in to help them become great teachers.