Surgery under local

Dr Naga (Thein Hlaing) performed surgery in the Nagaland hills using only a local anaesthetic.

He operated on his patients while they were conscious and obtained useful feedback from them during the operation. He would ask his patients to sing or speak while he operated, both to help them and to assist his surgery.

He walked from village to village performing many goiter operations, removing 'bumps and lumps'. This is his story starting 1965.

This site is dedicated to publishing his work, his methods and his wisdom in the hope that others follow his path.  To bring healing and hope to where the people who need it are. Where money and payment is not an issue and to turn no one away for lack of money or payment.

Dr Naga refused to take payment from those he helped. He simply did his job. He had enough to live and work and do his work.

My name is Heiko ('Haiko') Rudolph, I met Dr Naga Thein Llaing in January 2011. He has given his blessing and permission to publish all his materials in the hope that someone else will follow in his footsteps (doc here).  

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