Financial frictions (Bernanke et al., 1999, Handbook of Macro) 
Replication of Bernanke, Gertler, & Gilchrist, (1999): "The Financial Accelerator in a Quantitative Business Cycle Framework," NBER Working Papers 6455, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.

Financial frictions (Carlstrom and Fuerst, 1997, AER)
Replication of Carlstrom & Fuerst, (1997): "Agency Costs, Net Worth, and Business Fluctuations: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 87(5), pages 893-910, December.

Small open economy (Schmitt-Grohe and Uribe, 2003, JIE) 
Replication of Schmitt-Grohe & Uribe (2003): "Closing small open economy models," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 61(1), pages 163-185, October.

These codes have been tested with MATLAB R2013b. Despite every effort has been made to ensure that these codes are error free, some of them may still have bugs or errors.  If you find any, please email me at