Welcome to my website
I am currently working as a Senior Economist in the International Directorate at the Bank of England. I am also member of the Centre for Macroeconomics and the Euro Area Business Cycle Network.

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, International Finance, Housing


Bank of England || International Directorate  || Threadneedle Street || London EC2R 8AH



Latest news
  • February 2017.  The paper "
    Foreign Booms, Domestic Busts: the Global Dimension of Banking Crises
    is now out as SWP No. 644.
  • November 2016.  Final program of the "2nd BdF-BoE International Macro Workshop", to be held at the Bank of England on November 25.
    • August 2016.  New version of the paper "
      Finance and Synchronization"
    • August 2016.  New version of the paper "
      Monetary Policy Transmission in an Open Economy: New Data and Evidence from the United Kingdom"
      . The series of monetary policy surprises is available here.
    • May 2016.  The paper "
      Does easing monetary policy increase financial instability?
      is now out as NBER WP 22283.