AMM deployment configurations

Connecting X2 server

Enables connection to X2 server to read data from connected decoders a process in your timing app. The AMM's X2 connector runs in docker container base on Linux.

MyLaps decoder connector for your timing application

Note: Not all options valid for X2 server/decoder

AMMC enables your application to speak to MyLaps / AMB devices. It can run standalone, in your app or in the cloud.

Remote decoder

Bridge a remote decoder distance to your timing app. Connect the decoder/timing device several over the air technologies of your choice: Sigfox, LoRa WAN, GSM/LTE, Wifi+Internet or others (some technologies in development). The decoder simulator pretends to be a local decoder on the same network as you timing app.

Timing data backup

Connect to your decoder with AMMC in parallel and backup your data to database or cloud. Save your race data and replay later with the simulator. Or analyze the data with an external race analysis tool.

Decoder simulator

Replay your race with a simulator later. Data stored from backup or simply generated by a script. This works for other than X2 decoders.

Decoders setup

Fine tune your decoders. If your timing application does not allow setup of some decoders parameters, use it for timing only. Setup parallel connection to your decoder to fine tune or setup. If necessary request all timing passing to be replayed from decoders memory. (not X2)

Local timing board

Having remote locations? Use small setup on the location for timing board. Deploy small HW like raspberry Pi to access decoder and show timing data on a local timing board.

Mobile app

Deploy a small HW like Raspberry PI with a Wifi as an access point and enable mobile phones on the Wifi to see timing results locally on race event.

Spektrum DX6R radio personal timing app (in development)

Install AMMC from Google Play directly to your Spektrum DX6R radio, connect to the decoder and see your timing results on the display or hear spoken in earphones. Works with AMB decoders over ethernet cable like RC4 or DR5.

Timing private cloud

Setup a private cloud for a timing event. It's easy. Make your connection to timing device backuped and run you timing app in parallel to make sure any HW / SW failure is not fatal.