X2 server (not decoder) over LAN or WAN network (beta version). Firmware version 4+. Bidirectional conversion from/to JSON. Example app here https://github.com/skoky/mylaps-x2-kotlin Connection is tested with different configurations on multiple site worldwide.

Legacy but still commonly used devices based on the P3 protocol connected using ethernet cable to LAN/WAN network:

  • AMBrc Decoder - tested
  • MyLaps RC4 Decoder - tested.
    • Unlocking advanced features included (transponder voltage and temperature, car Id)
    • DR5 transponders support
  • AMBmx3 Decoder - tested
  • TranX3 Decoder - tested
  • ChipX Decoder - tested
  • BIB Decoder - not tested very well

Older device base on P98/Enhanced protocol / RS232 serial cable on request only. ( AMBrc, AMB20, AMB130, TranX-2 / TranX2, TranXPro, Activ or PegaSys)

Not compatible decoders yet:

  • BIBtag - tested but not compatible