The simulator of P3 based MyLaps / AMB decoder. Simulates real decoder timing device and playing configured script from recorded timing data.

These recorded data are stored in JSON and is human readable/editable. Simulator updates dynamic fields to be similar to a real decoder (like times, passing numbers etc). The simulator support P3 protocol used in AMB/MyLaps decoders as listed in Supported devices. (Not X2)

It is not 100% copy of decoders behavior, but rather a handy tool for timing app development. The simulator also does not work with MyLaps Orbits app.

The simulator is based on a script. It follows steps defined in JSON file, that dictates messages sent. Messages contains passing, waiting, and status messages. The timing app can communicate with the simulator in parallel and query for passing records or decoder settings.

The RC4 decoder unlock functionality can be simulated / tested as well.