RaspiTimingBox (RTB) is an installation of the AMM Converter on Raspberry PI. This mini PC is perfectly suited for this job. And it has processing power for AMM Converter plus your timing app

  • It has enough power without ventilation for a dusty track
  • HDMI Output to the screen where you can present results
  • Can connect overt embedded ethernet connector to various decoders like AMBrc Decoder, MYLAPS RC4 Decoder, AMBmx3 Decoder, TranX3 Decoder, ChipX Decoder, BIB Decoder or older AMBrc, AMB20, AMB130, TranX-2 / TranX2, TranXPro, Activ and PegaSys.
  • Has USB ports for keyboard and mouse
  • Can use USB-RS223 converter to connect decoder using serial cable
  • Raspian OS can connect a printer to print result
  • Support latest Java for AMM Converter

Note: we are testing alternative SoC board - UP! board Why? It has a better power supply (fixes Raspi's issue) and it has Intel Atom CPU for better performance. It has internal memory instead of SD card that has a longer lifetime. The board supports X2 server connection.

Raspberry Pi can also connect to GPS over USB. The NTP daemon would setup Raspberry's time and act as a network time server for decoders in the local network. This would make perfect time synchronization of your decoders and timing apps.

A how your low-cost, but very modern timing environment can look like with Raspberry PI?