• What is the difference between AMM Converter and Plib?

The Plib is offline conversion java library that is published in Maven repo. Search on maven.org for package www.plib.eu. AMM Converter is an application using Plib with a web interface.

  • Does the AMM converter need an internet connection?

No, offline processing is fine if the AMM converter installed on PC or Raspi.

  • Can the SW be used for a race timing

Not yet. The app is just the P3 and P98/Enhanced protocol implementation. It parses data from the HW and sends back what is possible

  • Can be the app used for my timing application?

Yes. You can build your application and use the AMM converter as an external processor for communication with HW. You need to process standard protocol JSON with data only.

Also, the binary parsing library can be used and is published on maven repo as "eu.plib". You can use it in your application for free.

  • Can I try the conversion?

Yes, send me a sample of binary data by email and I will email you back JSON if possible.

  • What is the JSON format?

The JSON contains data extracted from P3 protocol. It follows data available from decoder. The detailed description of the data format / JSON schema is part of the AMM Converter delivery.

  • Is the app open-sourced?

Unfortunately no. This is not allowed by MyLaps. But Plib java compiled lib is free to use.

  • Is the AMB MyLaps implementation of complete P3 protocol?

Yes, it currently implements complete P3 including new drone mode.

  • Does the app implement the latest RC4/DR5 unlocking of extended features?

Yes, it does.

  • What are supported operating systems for the library?

We have tested it on Linux, Windows and Mac. As it's written in plain Java, it should be running on all Java - supported OSes. This is actually not true for X2 connections, as there is a restriction from MyLaps. X2 functionality runs on Intell/Linux 64bit only :(

  • Can I run AMM converter on Raspberry?

Yes (except the X2), this is also supported OS. See Raspberry PI - RaspiTimingBox Raspberry does not have Intell processor. But you can use Up Board, that is Intell based Raspberry-like board.

  • Raspberry has no real-time clock HW. How do I get time on track without internet access?

Raspberry can connect to GPS module and use NTP server to get exact time from the GPS data.