Angie's Boneless BBQ Ribs

Country Style Boneless Pork Ribs (Whatever quantity you want. They cook down a ton, so be sure you  make enough!)

Mesquite Grill Mates Seasoning

Montreal Steak Seasoning

Season All



Liquid Smoke

Favorite BBQ Sauce (I like Sweet Baby Ray's Brand)

Brown Sugar

Sprinkle ribs liberally with first 5 seasonings, and rub into ribs. Place ribs in crock pot or large pot and cover with water. Add liquid smoke to water until water turns a light brown. Cook in crock pot until tender, approx. 4-5 hrs. on low, or in pot on stove at a low rolling boil for 2.5 hrs.

When ribs are tender, remove from cooking liquid and place on a foil-lined grill (or use a griddle indoors). Brush with BBQ Sauce and sprinkle with brown sugar. Warm through, until brown sugar melts and slightly caramelizes.