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A bit about AG...

Ambiguous Grey is a mixed ultimate team based out of Washington, DC.  

AG's first year as a club team was 2011, when Calvin Oung, Jarnail Bajwa, Jenny Yang, and Jay Guise brought together a diverse group of highly talented and experienced ultimate players from around the DC metro area and beyond. It was a rousing success, and great fun was had by all!

AG has continued since then, and remains the most successful mixed division ultimate team in DC.  In 2013, AG will yet again put together an elite level team to compete in both the regular season and championship series, with plans to add to its competitive schedule and winning record. 

In 2013, AG will compete as an Elite Flight team in USAU's Triple Crown Tour. 

Team Philosophy: Honor your commitments to your teammates. Attend practices, track workouts, and tournaments. Work hard. Play hard. No bullshit. No drama. Have fun. Win.