The Sound Garden on the Open Simulator Grid

Sound Garden in OSGrd

Machinima of the Sound Garden.  I had a lot of fun making this.  Machinima of the Sound Garden is now being played on the closed circuit TV system of the St Vincent's Hospital in Brisbane.  It was part of the Exhbition: Outside In.  The theme was to bring the Outside Inside the hospital. 

Sounds of the Sound Garden and on Soundcloud

The Sound Garden at sunset in Open Simulator Grid.  To access the Sound Garden, log into Open Simulator Grid, and search for Ambiant Antarctica on the Grid Map.    This was the hardest thing that I have ever done. 
Or Hop:
Copy and Paste the hop string into your Chat window when you log in to any Grid. Then click on the hop string in the Chat window. This will open a "Place Profile" with a Teleport button. Then Hop!

This is a production still of Breathe.  This year, Breathe went to Madrid.

Breathe in Madrid

In 2012, Breathe went to Sur Polar, the Arts and Antarctica Festival.  In Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Here is a catalogue of the Exhibition.

This is a film of my Virtual Exhibition in Cyberbohemia
Cyberbohemia  is a 3 Dimensional Virtual World in the Metropolis Metaversum Grid.  Maybe you would like to explore it?  For those of you with the Nerd Factor of 10 out of 10.