Title:  Tuscan Vineyard

Theme:  Rustic and warm vineyard nestled on a Tuscan hillside.  The early signs of autumn and the plump grapes show the harvest is near.

Description:  I was inspired to create this scene because of my great appreciation of wine and the wine making process, along with my dream of one day touring the Tuscan region of Italy.  I enjoy the fall season and love earthy, warm color tones.  I would like the user of this wallpaper to enjoy the scenery and feel transported as they work on their computer.

Technique:  Many layers were used to create all the elements I felt this image needed.  Starting from my original vineyard image, I felt the existing sky was lacking a bit.  I found a more suitable sky, added it in and then warmed it up with a golden yellow gradient overlay.  The original vineyard had a lot of action, but no grapes on the vines.  I used the clone tool to remove the excess "stuff" from the vineyard and then added the grapes onto the vines.  To help blend in the grapes more naturally, I used the burn and dodge tools along with the layer opacity to make them all come together.  Finally, I thought it would be handy to have a calendar within the scene, so I found a rustic font and added the month of November.

I hope you enjoy the wallpaper I created!  Just choose the size that's best for you.....

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