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Green Carpet Runners

green carpet runners
    carpet runners
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green carpet runners - 12 Attachable
12 Attachable Carpet Stair Treads - Olive Green - 8 In. X 27 In. - Several Other Sizes to Choose From
12 Attachable Carpet Stair Treads - Olive Green - 8 In. X 27 In. - Several Other Sizes to Choose From
These stair treads attach to your step using "hook-and-loop" fastening strips (as seen in the picture). Two strips of "hooked fiber" material are sewn into the back of each stair tread. Each stair tread also comes with two "looped fiber" strips pre-connected to the "hooked fiber" strips that are sewn into the stair treads. The "looped fiber" strips have an adhesive backing so they can adhere to your step surface. To apply the stair treads to your steps, simply remove protective covering from each "looped fiber" strip, exposing adhesive backing. With "looped fiber" strips still connected to "hooked fiber" strips, place stair tread onto desired step location and press down firmly over entire surface of stair tread. This will ensure that the adhesive backing of the "looped fiber" strips adheres to the step surface. You may remove the stair treads for cleaning and then reattach them once you are done. The "hook-and-loop" strips are not visible from the top side of the stair treads.

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Baba & Desi After 'Walkies' At Marina Green
Baba & Desi After 'Walkies' At Marina Green
Baba had a scare today. He fell down a couple of our stairs onto the landing going outside, poor thing. Our stairs aren't carpeted and can be very slippery to small dog paws. We're going to have to do something about it, even though it's going to be unsightly, better to protect our boys in the long run, though, and have ugly runners. It's how Baba tore his ACL in his knee as a pup. Anyway, we took him to the vet and Dr. Kim said it's probably a soft-tissue strain in his groin area and to monitor his activity. It's not his knee, though, thank goodness. I was so worried he was seriously hurt again after I saw him fall. He just lay splayed there at the bottom of the stairs stunned for a minute looking up at me and my heart broke. Didn't even make a sound, he's so stoic. I just held him against me after it happened, he was trembling a bit, and we fell asleep together and he never let's me do that. I told him he was my first born and I'd always look after him. Dah. As you can see in the pic, though, he's feeling better, thank goodness. We'll just let him rest for the next few days and see how it goes. Just another day of The Baba & Desi Show! 10/14 Update: Baba's playing and seems to be feeling better, but is LOVING that I'm carrying him down the stairs! He isn't so much bothered about running up them. But he can't seem to navigate the short ramp of stairs we have up to the bed and waits one of us to give him a lift, which lets me know he's sore. I'll keep him home from daycare tomorrow and send Desi, I suppose. A good day of "bed rest" with a walk from mom will be good for him.
Mad Mat Outdoor Carpet
Mad Mat Outdoor Carpet
Oriental Pattern - eggplant/light green Made from recycled plastic in Thailand. Fair Trade. Durable,reversible, breathable, soil resistant...just hose them off. We sell as many for indoors as well. 3 x 5 $39.00 4 x 6 $49.00 5 x 8 $89.00 6.25 x 9 $119.00 2.5 x8 $49.00 runner

green carpet runners
green carpet runners
12x18 Authentic MOHAWK CUSHION Rug Assist II AREA RUG PAD from The Aladdin Collection. REVERSIBLE Rug Cushion. Synthetic KX27A. Ultra PLUSH FELT Jute padding with latex RUBBER backing. This PREMIUM high density pad is designed for use on all hard surface floors, area rugs, runners and carpet. CRI Green Label Certified.
The rubber back side consists of a unique Embossed pattern which allows more rubber to grip the floor, providing the ultimate in a non-slip rug pad. This Top of Line MOHAWK rug assist II pad has a Tan rubber backing, not a gray rubber backing. The synthetic fiber side (felt side) is gray in color. DO NOT be fooled by other inferior products. This is a top of the line, very thick (over ?") and extremely dense Rug Pad manufactured by MOHAWK, one of the top mills in the USA. A current dated CRI green label certificate certifying MOHAWK is included with each order. Also included is a copy of MOHAWK kx27a specifications as well as a copy of MOHAWK Industries synthetic fiber cushion process. FEATURES OVER HARDSURFACES (RUBBER SIDE DOWN). Keeps rugs from slipping, sliding, and repositioning. Provides a plusher feel underfoot. Reduces wear and extends life of rug. Protects wood floors from carpet backing damage. Hides grout lines in rugs on ceramic floors. Holds rug to make vacuuming easier. Absorbs weight of furniture on rug. FEATURES OVER CARPET (RUBBER SIDE UP). Reduces wrinkling and repositioning of rug. Holds rug to make vacuuming easier. RUG ASSIST II COMPOSITION. Made in the USA of 100% recycled synthetic carpet fibers and latex rubber. CRI Green label certification for air quality assurance. FHA Class 1 rating for residential or light commercial use. Rubber side provides cushion. Embossed pattern grips hard surfaces. Fiber side is abrasive to grip rug backing. Available in 6 and 12 foot widths.

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