École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
mailing address:  EPFL ENAC IIE SBER
GR B0 419
Station 2
CH- 1015 Lausanne

amber.ulseth<at>epfl.ch or amber.ulseth<at>gmail.com
Twitter @RioFluss

The focus of my research is on ecosystem ecology and biogeochemical cycling.  More specifically, I am interested in the interaction of organisms, from microbes to humans, and biogeochemical processes in aquatic ecosystems.  My research has included studying the incorporation of anthropogenic nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) into urban stream food webs, the role of migratory fish in Venezuelan Rivers on N cycling and quantifying the sources and fates of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in the Colorado River basin.  Currently, I am working on ecosystem metabolism (gross primary production (GPP), ecosystem respiration (ER), and net ecosystem production (NEP)) in Alpine stream networks in the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

Research interests: ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, stream and river ecology, stream metabolism, carbon and nutrient cycling, anthropogenic stressors on freshwater ecosystems