Amber D. (Evans) Marcu

Ph.D., Instructional Design & Technology, Virginia Tech

Academic Technology Consultant, rSmart
Former Online Collaboration & Learning Services Manager; Training & Documentation
Learning Technologies, Virginia Tech

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Experienced Researcher and Manager of teaching, adult pedagogy, instructional design, and educational technologies. Demonstrated ability of developing curriculum and coordinating Professional and Faculty Development in Higher Education. Diverse and extensive Learning Management Systems / Collaborative Learning Environments experience. Knowledgeable about audio/video media, collaborative/conferencing systems, and engaging interactive instruction. User advocate for intelligently deployed Web 2.0 / Social Media solutions for interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Experienced in undergraduate college teaching. Conduct, publish, and present scholarly research on a regular basis.

  • Grounded in studies based on Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) used in conjunction with Situated Cognition/Constructivist theories (specifically Symbolic Interactionism as defined by J.M. Charon (2007)).
  • The ADDIE model as defined by Rothwell and Kazanas (2003) is used as the process model for designing all instruction. 
  • Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction & Keller's ARCS model of motivation used to address aspects of Instruction and Learning, respectively.

  • Professional/Faculty Development from a Diffusion of Innovations / Change Agency perspective incorporating aspects of Human Performance Improvement.
  • Published research in Multimedia Cognition studies and Distance Education.
  • Conducted qualitative contextual inquiry research for Sakai Foundation.
  • Follow studies on Situated Cognition in the realm of Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVE) and Massively Multi-player Online Games (MMOG) and their potential in Education applications (i.e., Second Life, OpenSIM, ActiveWorlds, etc.).
  • Discover, use, evaluate, and present on emerging technologies (e.g., Wikis, Blogs, Prezi, Twitter, Twine, Tungle, Google Apps, etc.).
  • Interest in self-improvement using the Transtheorectical Behavior Change Model to develop on-going intellectual, spiritual, and physical education for lifelong learning.
  • Technology and User Adoption of Innovations in Higher Education.
  • Instructional Design (ADDIE), Human Performance Improvement, Blended Learning/eLearning as well as non-training/training solutions.
  • Sakai, Blackboard, Moodle, WebCT, & Web Content Management Systems.
  • Synchronous remote collaboration (IP Videoconferencing, WebEX, Vyew, Wimba Classroom, Elluminate, DimDim, Centra, Adobe Connect Pro, Skype, iChat, etc.)
  • Software: Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX operating systems; Microsoft Office; Adobe Creative Suite (Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.); Collaborative tools/Web 2.0 applications; Sakai, Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle and other LMS.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (Instructional Design and Technology)
Spring 2013
Three-year post-graduate degree from an accredited research university.
Advisor: Dr. Katherine Cennamo.

California State University, Chico, CA
M.S. in Instructional Technology
Spring 2009
Project: "Design and Evaluation of An Interactive Instructional Support Tool for Teaching the Mager/Pipe Performance Analysis Model." 
Two-year post-baccalaureate degree from an accredited university. 
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Welsh.

California State University, Chico, CA
B.A. in English
Fall 2003
Areas of Concentration: Middle English, German, & British Literature. 
Four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited university. 
Advisor: Mary Ann Latimer.

California State University, Chico, CA
Certificate in Technical Writing
Fall 2002
Areas of Concentration: Computer Science 
Two-year certificate degree from an accredited university. 
Advisor: Mary Ann Latimer.
Amber D. Evans-Marcu,
May 23, 2013, 4:26 PM