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Ambatchdotcom Seocontest : We reach the top ambatchdotcom seocontest rank on google

SEO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2007 : Globalwarming Awareness2007
Ambatchdotcom Seocontest
googlepages is now number one on

Our googlepages ambatchdotcom seocontest website is now first on

Thanks google to support us, it is not easy to maintain googlepages, everytime I made a new page, I have to update manually the menu present in all pages and that's a hard and long job.

I have a lot of suggestion to optimize googlepages creator, but I can not explain in english, If someone of google is interested by my experience on creating googlepages just send me an email and I will send you all my suggestions but in french language.

Now to come back to this ambatchdotcom seocontest, what has happen since yesterday, look at this ambatchdotcom seocontest screenshot :

Why are we first on ambatchdotcom seocontest :

- We use natural seo technics
- We write regular articles
- We follow google updates
- We have few new links with same thematic every day
- We use google sitemap
- We use only white hat technics
- We use tags...

And you which tactics do you use to win this ambatchdotcom SeoContest ?

Tiger and ambatchdotcom seocontest googlepages but also
Globalwarming Awareness2007

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