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Ambatchdotcom Seocontest is a SEO World Championship 2006 organised by ambatchdotcom.

Good luck to all Ambatchdotcom Seocontest participants !

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SEO World Championship

A new 2007 SEO World contest has started on 15 th January.

The Keyword is : Globalwarming Awareness2007

We will participate and try to win this new SEO World Championship.

Here are some Globalwarming Awareness2007 Participants

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globalwarming awareness2007 bloglines

globalwarming awareness2007 Wiki

globalwarming awareness2007 wordpress

globalwarming awareness2007 NetDeveloppeur


--- SEO World Championship 2007 ---

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest

ambatchdotcom seocontest
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We finish at position 3 on google, not so bad, we win 500$, Thanks to all SEO participants and well done to age_magician and snoopy, but also KDM and M. Valiant.

Thanks also to ambatchdotcom SEO Team :
World SEO Championship

Special thanks to CED : Chocoku and Wullon Ultranode



Now it's time for our Ambatchdotcom Seocontest page to join the top 3.

The ambatchdotcom seocontest runs until 20th October 2006, the winner will be determined by the highest listed site on Google for the term "ambatchdotcom seocontest".

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest last update

The Ambatchdotcom seocontest will finish this friday, our ambatchdotcom seocontest is now 2 on google. Hope we will first on friday with our googlepage. This is our last post before ambatchdotcom seocontest ends.

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest results on Google

There are now about 1,030,000 for ambatchdotcom seocontest in google listings. One month ago, we had more than 1,120,000 results in google listing. Google has made "index cleaning". 

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest end

The Ambatchdotcom seocontest will end in 22 days, we need some goods qualified backlinks, If you want to make link exchange, do not hesitate to contact me. I only accept exchange with websites with same thematic. 

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest Rank

Ambatchdotcom seocontest update news : 15 sept, 2006

We are now 4 on google, our ambatchdotcom seocontest googlepage has a better rank than our french Ambatchdotcom Seocontest webpage, why ? maybe because it's a googlepage, so it is located in US servers, and maybe it's better for a hight rank on

Our french page has a lot of backlinks, but they are not thematic backlinks...

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest new links

Ambatchdotcom seocontest update news : 8 sept, 2006

Thanks to Lisa (KDM) and age_magician, they have accepted link-exchange with my Ambatchdotcom seocontest entrie.

We are now 5 on google, we lost one position, I don't know why yet, but I am sure that our ambatchdotcom seocontest will soon join the top 3 on google, we are just waiting for next google update.

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest history

Ambatchdotcom seocontest update news : 26 aug, 2006

Our ambatchdotcom seocontest googlepages is now first on, we reached the top position for the ambatchdotcom seocontest keyword, you can read more about this content, just read our article : Ambatchdotcom seocontest first to know more about new ambatchdotcom seocontest results.

Ambatchdotcom seocontest update : 23 aug, 2006

There are now more than 1,120,000 results in Google listings for the keyword ambatchdotcom seocontest. It means that a lot of participants are creating a lot of new ambatchdotcom seocontest webpages or that new ambatchdotcom seocontest participants have join the ambatchdotcom seocontest competition. Some French Ambatchdotcom seocontestants have join this championship.
Good luck to my french friends and all participants !

This ambatchdotcom seocontest website is now ranked ten, few days ago, we were 8 on

This Ambatchdotcom seocontest has entered the seocontest in position 5. We hope to reach the top again, so we just made new fresh content.

Our other official Ambatchdotcom seocontest webpage is ranked 5 on google, we also hope this Ambatchdotcom seocontest will be first soon !

Old content about Ambatchdotcom seocontest :
This ambatchdotcom seocontest web page is ranked 13 in google, so I have to make efforts to join the first page.

Our ambatchdotcom seocontest website uses natural SEO technics, it is difficult (googlepages are not perfect to manage a website) but we can try. The only problem is my english skill, I have a poor english so I have to perfect it to win this World SEO Championship.

Google likes text, so to win ambatchdotcom seocontest we need to publish a lot of articles, one ambatchdotcom seocontest article every day is a good deal, I havn't too much time to spend in this seocontest but I will do my best.

Now this ambatchdotcom seocontest googlepages is ranked 10 on google (10 Aug 2006), but she hasn't been updated on google since 3 Aug 2006.

 Tiger ambatchdotcom seocontest Seocontest Addict.

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