Video SEO Competition

Video SEO Competition







Welcome to the World of Video SEO 2007.

The First "Video" SEO Competition on the Internet.

An excellent opportunity for beginners through to SEO experts to learn how to rank well and gain traffic from online videos.

Don't know how to rank well for videos in Well you'd better join this Video SEO Competition and learn. Video is the way of the future on the internet.


How To Win?

Upload a video to and be the highest ranking competitor for the the term "my funny video" at the closing date of 30/04/07 to be the winner. (See Rules below for further info)

You can create your own video, or upload any video that suits Video.Googles and Terms and Conditions. Its That simple.



1. $2000 via to the competitor ranked highest for the term "my funny video" at the closing date of 30/04/07 12pm Australian EST.

Plus 6000 PLR Articles from over 12 months.

2. $500 to the person who referred the winner of this competition.

3. An additional $500 to the Winner if their video page is ranking higher in web search engine for the term "my funny video" than their video entry.



Article and Content Solutions Sponsoring the Video SEO Competition

Mark Thompson of is giving 1 copy of every PLR pack we produce this year ..that could be about 6000 articles.

(If you would like to sponsor this competition, we expect more than 1000 competitors, contact me via )


Details of Contest:

Starting Date: 1st Feb 2007.

This is an SEO contest for Video Rankings in

The competitor ranking the highest for the term " my funny video " at the closing date of 30/04/07 will be the winner.

Please check the Video SEO Competition forum for all news and details.


Rules for Contest:

How it works

Each competitor registers at

Then simply upload any video to and the first line of the description contains your membership url. e.g.

You enter this video's embed code in your membership account, this video needs to comply with TOS found Here

No Adult Content Videos.

Video must be submitted to your Account.

The Competitors Members URL must be in the first line of the description for the entry to be valid.


Useful links.

Register at

Register at

Video Tutorials on how to upload videos to, plus how I got over 10,000,000 video views in

Tip: Once you have registered, let as many people you know about the competition and have a 2nd chance to win the $500 for referring another competitor.

For all Further Information please register at and ask your question in the Video SEO Competition Forum.







Big Changes in Video Marketing • Edit

Big Changes in Video Marketing.

1. Youtube videos are now listed in the video search index.

2. Youtube has announced that they will start revenue sharing with video publishers.

Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube, said Saturday 27th January 2007 that his wildly successful site will start sharing revenue with its millions of users.

What affect has this had on the internet marketing community, to date, very little it seems. It appears the internet marketing community is slow on the pick up in relation to video marketing on the internet.

Here is a quote from a very large and popular internet marketing forum about video marketing "I always thought to rank well in a video search engine you have to have a good catchy video that is viral. This will help to get people embeded the google code into their site giving it more popularity and then Google will know this and rank it higher."

This is simply not the case. That is like saying, build a great website and the money will come, e.g. a Million dollar website not indexed in the search engines is worth exactly 0 dollars. This is the same with video on youtube and You may have the funniest or most inspiring video ever made but if it is not seen by anybody, you have just wasted a lot of time and energy producing it. When you have literally tens of thousands of people submitting videos each day the competition is fierce in terms of getting your videos to the next stage, which is listed on the high ranking lists, which is what you need to do to get maximum exposure to your videos.

Since has purchased Youtube there was much speculation about how and what this would affect the video community as a whole, this weekend we have seen that has now added the entire Youtube Video collection to its database effectively tripling the video database. The true effects of this merge have yet to be seen, though those of us who regularly monitor the top 100 results in will see that nothing much has changed in the top 100. Though videos that ranked well for specific niches have been pushed down the VERPS (Video Engine Ranking Positions) e.g. videos that for the last 6 months ranked in the top 5 for the search term Diet Coke Mentos, have now been pushed down the VERPS to the second page and replaced by videos from

Now Enters announcing that they will start revenue sharing, simply put, sharing the revenue generated by advertising surrounding the video content similar to what sites like (sharing 50%)is doing currently with their video publishers. How they plan to do this and how much they will be sharing has not yet been released, the leaders in the video marketing community are hoping it will be a lot. There has been no mention of their terms and conditions relating to the video content that will qualify for revenue sharing, most likely this is one of their strategies to increase their fresh video content being submitted to youtube and trying to eliminate their members submitting copyright material which has caused them so much grief up to date.

At the very least, Since the recent youtube announcement this will get the attention of the internet marketing community now that there is the added possibility of making money from videos.

There are huge changes happening on the internet right now. This is a ground floor opportunity to be right at the forefront of Internet Video Marketing. Its pretty much an even playing field right now. There has never been a better opportunity to be involved.

New on the internet marketing scene is the Video SEO competition Held by Peter Drew, this was designed to help 1. encourage internet marketers to get involved in video marketing and 2. to teach these people interested the skills needed to rank highly and get targeted traffic to their websites via freely hosted video content.

Keep an eye on this blog for up to date information on every thing related to Video Marking on the Internet.

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