Francis Louis Szot a.k.a "Star Maker's Apprentice" & "Ambassador Zot"

This is the Internet
Home Page of Francis Louis Szot, 
and his alter egos; Star Maker's Apprentice & Ambassador Zot 

Our reasons for maintaining this Internet presence:

With those goals in mind, we provide the following links:

THE Ambassador is available for questions, conversations, exchange of information, etc.. To this date, the Ambassador has been capable of personally handling all incoming correspondence, although he wonders how long this situation will last.

WHILE the Ambassador's publications are free on the Internet, to purchase a numbered, first edition of Star Maker's Apprentice ver 1.0,  please send an email to ambassadorzot @ We will respond with our postal mailing address. Send a check for $24, and provide your return postal address. If outside of the USA, add $10 for additional postage. Version 1.0 is the only printed edition of the book.

IF you have read Star Maker's Apprentice and resonated with necessary and sufficient aspects of the message, you may decide to be the first person on your block to reciprocate and write a check as a donation to support the Ambassador's mission. Send email to and we will respond with our postal mailing address.

Last update: December, 2014