Hooter Hotel - Best Value Inn Lake Tahoe.

Hooter Hotel

hooter hotel
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hooter hotel - South Peak
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Hooters hotel?
Hooters hotel?
We stayed at the MGM with this lovely view. Who knew there was a hooters hotel? I know where I'm staying the next time I go to vegas!
Buddy @ Hooters
Buddy @ Hooters
Buddy met one of the employees of Hooters Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

hooter hotel
hooter hotel
The Hooters Cookbook
The Hooters Cookbook salutes the "Man Food" and carefree lifestyle that makes Hooters restaurants a worldwide destination. There are 435 restaurants in 46 states and 22 countries. The 72 recipes and over 80 full color photos provide the ideal foods for barbecues, tailgate parties or just getting together with family and friends to watch college football games, the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl game. In addition, there are humerous tips and factoids and photos from Hooters Restaurants other ventures: The Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, the Hooters sponsored sporting events and their numerous charities. This is the perfect gift for father, son, brother or brother-in-law who enjoys entertaining and sporting events.