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City Lodge Hotel

city lodge hotel
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City Hotel, LaCoste, Texas
City Hotel, LaCoste, Texas
City Hotel - Built in 1912 by Alsatian immigrant and prominent local developer Emil Schmidt, the City Hotel offered public lodging previously unavailable to visitors to La Coste. Its proximity to the railroad depot made it an ideal location to offer food and lodging to the growing number of visitors and business people involved in sales, expansion of the railroad, and the building of a dam in northeastern Medina County. The elegantly furnished rooms, verandas, and restaurant and ready clientele combined to make the hotel and restaurant an immediate success. Gus and Maggie (Ma) Keller bought the property in 1928 during the National prohibition against the sale of alcoholic beverages. They nevertheless ran a saloon in the hotel known as "Kellers Place" which according to local tradition allowed patrons to gamble and drink in a back room, an activity which because of timely telephone calls avoided police detection. Maggie, who managed the saloon for almost four decades, became the subject of local legend. One of the saloon's most prominent features was the large number of bottle caps which covered its walls and ceiling. The hotel is a local landmark recognized by generations of people traveling through or visiting La Coste. 1994
Sukhumvit Road, Soi 19, La Grtta Restaurant & City lodge Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.
Sukhumvit Road, Soi 19, La Grtta Restaurant & City lodge Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.
Sukhumvit Road, Soi 19, Here you will find, La Gritta, Italian Restaurant, plush interior and good food, though not cheap by Bangkok standards, you will also find Sam’s Lodge Hotel, and another Beer Garden, and City Lodge Hotel.

city lodge hotel
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