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Best Hotels Near Lax

best hotels near lax
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2009-06-16 23:09:33 -LAX to ATX. #167
2009-06-16 23:09:33 -LAX to ATX. #167
I started a long day with a real short night of sleep. Made it into the office around 9am. I carpooled in with Nuno side I was leaving straight to the airport from the office at the end of the day. (Just realized we have free wifi in the hotel room!) The day was pretty typical. We did our Monday meeting today (Tuesday) and went over a good amount of stuff. Tied up some loose ends to prepare for being gone the rest of the week. Quiznos lunch and joked about getting extra so I would have a good dinner later. I didn't. We headed out from the office about 4:30. Around 4:15 I realized I had no headphones for any of the digital music devices I own and was bumming. I was able to get Bauer to hit Best Buy on the way and ran in real quick and grabbed what ever looked good. As we left the office I noticed Bauers thermostat was flashing and commented on it. At first he thought it was nothing. When we finally get on the road, we had to quickly pull off cause we were over heating. Quick gas station stop, water, an extra gallon and some just in case phone calls for a ride was made. If we turned back we would miss our flight so we had to go for it. Things cooled back down, but a missed exit and a loop around full of traffic had us over heating again. We stopped again real quick and topped the fluids off, this time it didn't look as good. Time was getting close, we were getting nervous. Eventually we got to Jim's wife's parking lot near the airport. Chris, Richard and myself hop on a shuttle. The driver of the shuttle asked why Bauer wasn't joining us and we said he was going to catch the next one. The dude kept going on and on about how we couldn't take the shuttle if we weren't this or that. We told him that Jim and a pass for the lot and it was fine. He asked if Jim worked there, we said yes. You would think this was the end of the story. It wasn't. When we got to the terminal we go to get off and the guy starts back up. Chris stops to talk to the guy and the dude is being a fucking dick. Chris told him to fuck off and we went to check in. Fuck that guy. We checked in, Bauer right behind us. We get through security smooth and decide to chance it on getting dinner since we were all starving. We hit Chili's and cross our fingers it would be fast. After super unhealthy food and pushing it on the count we pay just in time to catch the plane. Pretty smooth cramped flight. I was hoping to sleep but it didn't work out. We made it into Austin just before 12am. The above photo is of Chris, Jim and Richard walking through the Austin Airport, which was pretty cool. We needed to rush to make it to the rental car counter in time. JC was there chilling and waiting for us. He had landed about an hour and a half before us. We made it and upgraded our vehicle, a Hyundai Sonata is supposed to be a full sized car and we were five people now. New vehicle, Kia Sodona, pretty nice. We set off for the hotel and got checked in. We have a 6:45am (4:45 Cali Time) wake up call. Man, I thought today was gonna hurt, it really wasn't bad, tomorrow is going to be an interesting one. bdubblevision was here.
Best Western
Best Western
Ford courtesy van near LAX.

best hotels near lax
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