Golf Instructor Vacancy

This year we are ready to introduce Golf to the Republic of Georgia! It is not by chance that our hotel name is Ambasadori. We truely feel our mission is to act as ambassadors, as Georgia's international business grows. Our boutique hotel is across the river from the main government building in the capital, and we are positioned as a very upscale hotel for business travelers. The owner has taken the land where his winery has been, and built a country resort. Currently it is booked with conferences almost every week. A 9-hole golf course has already been designed, and will be in place by summer 2013. For now, we are starting to introduce Georgians to Golf this summer with putting greens, chipping greens, and a driving cage. There will also be a mini-golf area for children and adults alike. 
This year we need an instructor to teach golf to beginers. But there is much more opportunity here. Input on creating and running a pro-shop, and most of all being an ambassador for the game of golf in the region will require someone who can share their enthusiasm for the sport. 
Looking ahead, the future is up to the individual. If they only see themselves as an instructor in the future, we will find someone else to manage the operations when fully completed. But if they want to grow into a position of Director of Golf, we would be more than pleased. I hope the links to other pages here will answer most of your questions.