The Middle-Earth Adventure Game (MEAG)

The Middle-earth Adventure Game (MEAG) is a generalization and expansion of the rules created by Iron Crown Enterprises for their Lord of the Rings Adventure Game. Designed by Brian Gross and J.R. Gracen, MEAG is perfectly suitable for introductory play, but complete enough to be used by anyone who does not want overly complex rules to get between the players and the role-playing. Even though it is a major expansion, the MEAG rules are fully compatible with the original Lord of the Rings Adventure Game scenarios.


In the mid-1980's, ICE developed a simple system for it's Middle-earth Quest books called QuestGame. In the early 1990's ICE expanded this into an introductory system for Middle-earth roleplaying called Lord of the Rings Adventure Game. This was meant to be a "gateway" system to ease people unfamiliar with role-playing into their full MERP and/or Rolemaster systems. In MEAG, Brian took the basics of these old systems and expanded them into a comprehensive roleplaying system that can be used indefinitely, rather than having to "step up" to MERP/Rolemaster after a few introductory scenarios.


MEAG, unlike MERP/Rolemaster, is a non-levelled system where characters gradually improve skills and attributes with experience rather than through gaining levels. The character generation process allows you to play any of the five main races: human, elf, dwarf, hobbit or half-elf. For your character you then select a profession: warrior, mage/scholar, scout, rogue, ranger. From there, you are free to select and advance any skills, traits, etc. that you may wish. This gives characters a wide open advancement path.


The rulebook – Version 4.5 of the MEAG rulebook, equally suitable for introductory play and more sophisticated campaigns.

A bundle of sample characters – This is a collection of characters mentioned in the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game scenario "Dawn Comes Early" and reinterpreted into MEAG v4.5 rules.

The character sheet – A blank character sheet for MEAG v4.5 in Microsoft Word and PDF format.

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