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Amravati District with the rest of the Berar was assigned to the East India Company by the Nizam following the treaty of 1853. After this province was assigned to the Company, it was divided into two districts, South Berar with its headquarters at Hingoli with neighbouring region restored to the Nizam and North Berar was reconstituted into East Berar with headquarters at Akola.
In 1864,the district of Yeotmal was separated from Amravati.In 1903, the Treaties of Assignment were superseded by an agreement under which the Nizam leased Berar to the Government of India in perpetuity. Berar was joined to the central provinces in 1903 to form the enlarged province of central provinces and Berar.
With the recognition of States in1956,Amravati district ,along with other districts of Vidarbha region was included in the then Bilingual Bombay State. Since the bifurcation of Bombay state into Maharashtra and Gujrat in 1960, Amravati,along with other districts of Vidharbha formed one of the districts of Maharashtra.

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