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Home Enema Equipment

home enema equipment
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home enema equipment - Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Enema Kit with PVC Tubing: No Latex. 2 Quart Capacity
Stainless Steel Enema Kit with PVC Tubing: No Latex. 2 Quart Capacity
The kit is latex-free as increasingly recommended to guard against growing incidences of allergies; and accompanied by detailed Enema Instructions. It makes the whole process unbelievably EASY. Until some time ago, home enema kits were either very expensive; or then the cheap kits were of very poor quality making enemas difficult & messy. The Superior home enema kit is surprisingly affordable & specifically designed with extra care to make enema a delightful experience. The stainless steel bucket allows for easy cleaning unlike many of the latex bags that are dark and wet on the inside and promote bacteria growth. The sterilized catheter ensures hygiene, comfort and a deeper cleanse.

82% (17)
Enema, Yes!
Enema, Yes!
"Yes, an enema would be just the thing."

Snapped this shot on the way out of Buca di Beppo before heading to the Phoenix to see Urinetown.
Enema Project
Enema Project
Enema Music, a Japanese indie LP from the 80's - not sure if it exists om CD or not

home enema equipment
home enema equipment
Marisa and the Enema Fetish, 3rd Edition
1910, Russian Immigrants, the Colorado Front Range Coal Strike, children, orphans, Marisa, a girl with Hirschsprung's Syndrome, a colon that won't work; her friend, Katrina; and a Danish boy, Lars, survive a massacre, abuse, discrimination, and WWI. Lars, a hyper-testosterone male, a Medal of Honor winner, a hero, a killer who can't quit, comes home looking for his lost love, the woman who loves him and loses him, and the woman who loves him and saves him. A farm, cows to milk, a sexual fantasy, an enema fetish, a man and wife, love and life play out against the back drop of the Rocky Mountains. A love story like no other ever told.

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