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Academic Positions

July 2013 - Present

Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Carlson School of Management
Work & Organizations Group

Graduate Faculty, Applied Economics
Graduate Faculty, Minnesota Population Center
Member, Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO)




Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management
Ph.D., Management, Institute for Work & Employment Research
Dissertation: “Sustained Rents and Imperfect Labor Markets: Essays on Recruitment, Training, Job Mobility, and Incentives”
Chairs: David Autor (MIT Economics) and Paul Osterman (MIT Sloan)


Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations (Honors)
Thesis Title: “A Game Theoretic Approach to Social Dialogue”


Oxford University, Pembroke College
Exchange student (one year) in Economics and Management


Works in Progress

Fellowships and Honors

  • Best paper award, Financial Institutions, Regulations, and Corporate Governance conference in Sydney, Australia, for "Promotions and the Peter Principle." 2017.
  • Teaching Innovation Grant from Timothy J. Nantell Fund for Excellence in Teaching. 2016.
  • Wharton School of Business, People Analytics Conference third prize for research paper competition. 2015.
  • MPC Outstanding Research Award and Grant, for "Re-Thinking the Two Body Problem: The Segregation of Women into Geographically Flexible Occupations." 2014.
  • SOBACO Small Grant. 2014.
  • 65th LERA Meetings, Best Dissertation Award, for "Do Agents Game Their Agents' Behavior?" 2013.
  • Russell Sage Co-PI, “Is College Still Worth It?” 2012.
  • 64th LERA Meetings of the ASSA, Winner of Best Doctoral Student Paper, for "A Theory of Dual Job Search." 2012.
  • Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship. 2008.
  • MIT Presidential Graduate Fellowship. 2007.
  • Joel Seidman Memorial Prize, for “A Game Theoretic Approach to Social Dialogue." 2007
  • Irving M. Ives Award, for service to the ILR School. 2007.
  • Golden Key Outstanding Membership Award for Community Service. 2007.
  • Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholarship. 2005.
  • Undergraduate Academic Research Fellowship. 2004. 

Invited Talks


INFORMS Organization Studies Winter Conference (OSWC) in Park City, UT; MIT Sloan School of Management Institute for Work and Employment Research seminar, Cambridge, MA; Utah Winter Business Economics Conference (WBEC) in Snowbird, UT; Strategy department seminar of the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St Louis, MO; Midwest Economics Association (MEA) Conference in Cincinnati, OH; Wharton School of Business 3rd Annual People Analytics Conference (two papers presented as finalists in research paper competition) in Philadelphia, PA; Northwestern Law School Eighth Annual Searle Center Conference on Internet Commerce and Innovation in Chicago, IL; Western Economics Association (WEA) meetings in San Diego, CA; Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) meetings in Anaheim, CA; Academy of Management (AOM) Meetings (OMT/ OB/ HR/ CAR divisions) in Atlanta, GA


Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) meetings in Seattle, WA; MIT Sloan School of Management Institute for Work and Employments Research seminar, Cambridge, MA; Industry Studies Association (ISA) meetings in Minneapolis, MN; Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) meetings in Minneapolis, MN; Finance and Retail Analytics Conference hosted by Minneanalytics in Minneapolis, MN; People and Organizations conference at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA (plenary and roundtable).


Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) meetings in Boston, MA; Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) meetings in Minneapolis, MN; Midwest Economics Association Meetings in Minneapolis, MN; People Analytics Conference at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA (Third Prize in Research Paper Competition); joint meeting of Society of Labor Economists and European Association of Labour Economists (SOLE/EALE) in Montreal, Canada; National Bureau of Economics Research (NBER) Summer Institute personnel economics section in Cambridge, MA; Wharton School of Business Conference on People and Organizations (plenary and roundtable)


Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) Meetings in Philadelphia, PA (three sessions: "Dissecting Job Search," "What Impact do Managers Really Have?" and "Employment Structure and Inequality"); MIT Organizational Economics Lunch in Boston, MA; MIT Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE@MIT) in Boston, MA; Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) meetings in Segovia, Spain


65th LERA Meetings in St. Louis (Winner- Best Dissertation), Summer 2013; University of Chicago Booth School of Business Organizations and Markets Seminar; University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management; Case Western Reserve University, Department of Economics; Duke University, Fuqua School of Business; Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School; University of Illinois, School of Labor and Employment Relations; London Business School, Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference; Cornell University, Institute for Compensation Research


Wharton School of Business Conference on People and Organizations (Plenary);  MIT Economics Applied Microeconomics Lunch; Rutgers University, School of Management and Labor Relations; University of Maryland, Smith School of Business; Best Student Paper Competition Finalist Talk (Winner) at the 64th LERA Meetings


    Wharton School of Business Conference on People and Organizations (Plenary); Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations; MIT IWER Seminar; MIT Economics Labor Lunch; American Sociological Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas; Academy of Management Annual Meeting in San Antonio; Mondragone-La Pietra-Moncalieri (MOOD) Doctoral Workshop in Economic Theory & Econometrics at the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF) in Rome, Italy; IWAEE Conference in Catanzaro, Italy; London Business School Transatlantic Doctoral Conference; American Rights at Work (ARAW) Conference at Georgetown University, Washington D.C.


    MIT Sloan Economic Sociology Working Group Seminar; MIT Sloan IWER Seminar; MIT Economics Labor Lunch


      Wharton School of Business Conference on People and Organizations; MIT Economics Labor Lunch

      Non-Academic Professional Presentations

      2017 "Lean In" Workshop on Negotiations for Hennepin County (Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs); Negotiation workshop for EpiCH; 2016 Finance and Retail Analytics Conference hosted by Minneanalytics in Minneapolis, MN; Carlson MBA Women's Initiative seminars on pay negotiations, 2015, 2016; WorldatWork 2014 Spotlight on Sales presentation, “From Salesman to Sales Manager- Using Big Data to Debunk Common Sales Manager Myths and Improve Productivity;” WorldatWork 2013 Spotlight on Sales Compensation presentation, “Panning the Big Sales Data Goldmine;” University of Minnesota P&A Professional Development Workshop, “The Principles of Interest Based Bargaining” and "The Practice of Interest Based Bargaining"; Minnesota Business Partnership EA Conference, “Negotiations and Our Career"


      • Baltimore Sun - Dan Rodrick's "Questioning wage law built on kindness of strangers: Wondering how we got a separate base for tipped workers," 4/18/14
      • CBS News Radio - Interview with Chris Filippi, 11/30/14
      • Chronicle of Higher Education - Scott Carlson's "Is college worth it? Two reports say yes (mostly)," 11/4/13
      • Deseret News - Eric Schultz's "College is 'Worth It,' but Majors Matter," 3/4/15
      • Discovery News - Emily Sohn's "Is College 'Worth It'?" 10/16/15
      • Grand Forks Herald - Ethan Nelson's "In ND, New Overtime Rule Will Have Bigger Effect Than in Minnesota" 6/11/16
      • Knowledge@Wharton - "Are Good Managers Born or Made?" 3/15/16
      • LA Times - Op Ed, "How to manage the financial risks of investing in college," 12/25/13
      • Grand Forks Herald – Ethan Nelson’s “In ND, New Overtime Rule Will Have Bigger Effect Than in Minnesota," 6/11/16
      • HR Executive - Mark McGraw's "Gender and the Global Mobility Gap," 4/20/15
      • Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal - Patrick Rehkamp's "Minneapolis Park Board's Ill-Timed Goodbye Gifts," 1/15/16
      • NBC News - "College Costs Soar, but Can You Afford Not to Go?" 4/15/15
      • PBS Newshour - Article and TV mention, "6 Rules to Help You Make the Best College Decision"
      • Wall Street Journal - David Wessel's "How college has become a risky investment," 1/28/15
      • Wall Street Journal - Lauren Weber's "Why it's so hard to fill sales jobs: 'Salesman' baggage means well-paying tech industry positions go begging," 2/3/15
      • Washington Post, Dina ElBoghdady's "Why couples move for a man's job, but not a woman's," 11/28/14
      • Washington Post, Danielle Paquette's "Why college isn't always worth it: A new study suggests the economic return on a college degree may be a lot more modest than you might think," 1/30/15


      • Refereeing: ILR Review, Industrial Relations, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Perspectives on Work, Quarterly Journal of Economics
      • Conferences: Organizer for 2016 and 2017 LERA Jr Faculty Consortiums
      • Negotiation Workshops: Hennepin County, MN; University of Minnesota (libraries, professional & administrative employees, various departments and student groups); various professional conferences
      • Committees: PhD Program Committee 2013-2016, People Analytics Committee 2015-2016



      • Compensation and Benefits (Masters), 2014-current
      • Negotiation Strategies (Masters), 2014 -current
      • Economic Analysis for HRIR (PhD), 2013-current


      Graduate Instructor/ Teaching Assistant (MIT)

      •  Sloan Fellows Math Review, 2009-2013
      • Power and Negotiations, John Richardson, 2012
      • Doctoral Seminar in Work & Employment, Thomas A. Kochan, 2012
      • Managing and Leading People and Organizations, Paul Osterman, 2010-2013
      • Power and Negotiations, Daniel J. Shapiro, 2009
      • Communicating with Data, Arnold Barnett, 2008-2009
      • Managerial Psychology, Dania Dialdin, 2012
      • People and Organizations, Thomas A. Kochan, 2008, 2010