I am a Technical Product Manager at Rackspace


I am currently a enterprise windows system administrator II at Rackspace.


previously I was a senior systems analyst for ARAMARK Higher Education. What that actually meant was that I spent my days:

  • Working with an external hosting provider to maintain our production environments
  • Creating and deploying code and database builds
  • Working to maintain Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Personal Information (PI) compliance in our environments
  • Managing Active Directory (AD) for the lab and production environments
  • And a little bit of everything else (for example, managing our google for domain accounts, helping everyone understand and implement google analytics tracking, answering marketing's questions about social media)
  • Working with VMware Server 2 in my test lab doing system and server administration (creating and configuring new VMs, anti-virus and patching) Well to kick off 2011 we decommissioned the lab and are moving it to a hosted area.
  • Two new employees have been hired to replace me. My job has been posted on (Sr. Systems Analyst — Application and Database Administrator-61942) please apply - and put me down as your reference! See the job description here.
  • As of April 2011 there are 500 cash registers connecting to my central Point of Sale server, 485 sites implemented across four lines of business including Canada & International, 205 have ecommerce. The eCommerce sites had 204,660 orders for $20 million dollars between October 2010 and April 2011. There were 27 million pageviews, and 5 million visitors in 2009.

My Resume: Click here