Places I will live

We need to move (well, find a job when he finishes medical residency)

So we are attempting to align our needs to find a location.


  • LGBT friendly
  • Female friendly laws (abortion friendly, women's right to their own bodies)
  • Gun friendly laws
  • Weather preferences (his: cold, mine: temperate 4 seasons).
  • Prefer to be in a city or suburb (1 hour from real city)

Ruled out:

  • California (guns)
  • Massachusetts (guns)
  • New Jersey (guns)
  • Maryland (guns)
  • New York (guns)
  • Texas (heat)
  • Georgia (Him-Humidity)
  • North Carolina (Me-HB1)
  • Blacksburg, VA (Too small)
  • Vermont (no large cities)
  • Hawaii (too far)
  • Alaska (too far)
  • Florida (too hot)
  • New Mexico (Too hot)


  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Seattle, WA


  • New Hampshire? (commutable to large city)