Chester is my grandmothers cat. I got him when she passed away.


Fast facts:

  • 8 year old neutered male
  • declawed in the front
  • missing some teeth
  • chipped

Favorite activities:

  • loves to sit in laps and purr
  • loves to sleep on the pillow next to you or at the foot of the bed
  • likes to play with mouse on a string
  • likes to play with string
  • loves laser pointers
  • a big fan of looking out the window and high perches
  • wants to go outside badly but I only let him on the porch, my grandmom used to have her outside with him when she was outside

He is very loving but does NOT get along with other pets and does nip (doesn't bite through skin) to let you know when he's had enough attention, so small kids aren't good either

He has feline herpes, much like many cats, so 1-2 times a year he might need medication (he gets an eye ulcer) if he gets stressed out. He takes it very well and puts up with it. He has no other health issues.

He is up to date on all his shots, and goes annually to companion animal clinic.

He has bad teeth and I have problems figuring out how to brush his teeth. So, I have him on T/D food (1/4 cup a day) and 1/2 cup hairball science diet.

He loves wet (very wet) food so once a day I give him a treat

He would love it best if someone was home often to love on him

I need to re-home him because after a year he and my cat still do not get along.

Please let me know if you have any questions.