Puma Trip

This is the itinerary for the Puma Trip. 

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DAY 1 

The tour begins at 7am in the morning. We will sail up to the meeting of the waters (rio negro and rio solimoes) and then visit a small community of fishermen - Ceaza. After navigating the Rio Araça (tributary of the amazon river) we will reach our lodge on mamory lake and move into the private room.
After lunch we will leave for piranha fishing, canoages and exploration of the amazing lakes and flooded forest.
We will observe and swim with the freshwater dolphins and later try to spot for caiman. After dinner, it's time for caipirinhas and also time for you to learn some jungle stories.

After breakfast, we continue navigating  the mamory lake up to lucio. This is a reserve, and we learn how to build a camp in the middle of the jungle. After this, we will go to recognize the footprint of wild animals inhabiting the amazon ecosystem. In the evening, we will leave in small canoes to spear fishes.


We will  continue sailing and reach another river (Rio Jurara).
Here  we will access a pool primary jungle where we make a camp using hammocks and mosquito nets. We will learn how to make fire in the wet forest, as well as to climb the trees to reach for strong lianas. It is very important to learn how to build the camp. Later we learn some survival techniques in the rainforest.

We will start the exploring the deep jungle (trekking  for 6-7 hours but it will depend on the resistance of the tourist). We will learn about the plants (medicinal, aromatc and prefumed, poisonous,and exotic) and  also about afrodiziac, water vine, the world of insects taratulas, scorpions beetles butteflies). We'll also explore the world of animals (monkeys, tapirs panthers, puma and jaguars) the world of snakes (anaconda, boas, coral) the world of birds (toucan, parrot or maccow hummibirds, herons,hawks). Finally, at night we leave for the last jungle walk for 2 hours to observe the nightlife.
 DAY 5

 We start to sail back and visit the native people. We observe them closely and observe their customs, and see learn about the process of making cassava. After getting back to the lodge, we have lunch and a shower, and then continue the jouney to arrive in Manaus at 5;pm in the Afternoon.