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 1) Aftab Pande - (aftab dot pande at gmail dot com)

 I went with Elso Lima on a 5 day trip (Caiman trip) and it was an amazing experience. Elso is known as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced guides in the Manaus area. I highly recommend him for a trip in the jungle.

2) From George of the Jungle, click here

2) Tom Scholfield

hi all

this is my first post on the thorn tree, but i have been using it for a while to check out other people´s tips during my trip around brazil for the last couple of months. just thought i would drop a quick line to recommend the tour operator ´amazon riders´based in manaus, if you are interested in taking a trip into the amazon jungle. their website is because i was a bit lost when i got here trying to figure out who to go with.

i just got back from a wild week with a friend from germany (who i met on the boat from belem to manaus), exploring the jungle south of Manaus around Lake Mamori and had a blast. our tour guide Elso Lima showed us a great time somehow managing to answer nearly all of our questions about the jungle´s flora and fauna, the local culture and a mountain of other more random ones, along with providing us with pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone in terms of where we camped and what we did, cooking us great camping tucker and keeping us in stitches with plenty of laughs.

a few highlights included piranha fishing, dolphin and caiman spotting, trekking to find monkeys, sloths, birds and tarantulas, swinging on a vine tarzan-style, learning about the various properties of a variety of forest trees and plants and staying with a local family for a night to really get a feel for life in the amazon. we stayed in a jungle lodge the first night, then spent the other 5 nights camping in hammocks - i must say i was glad to get back to a bed afterwards but the experience was brilliant. make sure you bring mosquito repellent because they can be a bit nasty.