5 day boat trip
Itinerary for the 5 day boat trip

Pictures of the boat trip.

Boat trip- Expedition-5 days /4 nights


7.30 A.M. Transfer from hotel to pier to the boat with hammock accomodations on the upper deck. We will leave East towards the  meeting of the Solimões and the Rio Negro, the two tributaries forming the Amazon river. We will take the Solimões for approximately 6 hours until we reach Araça river. Monkeys and  birds can be seen along the way. Late in the afternoon we start our adventure with the exploration of creeks, lakes and flooded areas. Later we do piranha fishing, swimming with dolphins, bird watching , alligator spotting at night. Dinner, then start to move to Tracaja lake. 




2º Day – Caneo riding at 5.30 A.M. –

Bird watching and monkeys, breakfast, visit the native people to see the process of rubber balls and then lunch. In the afternoon, start to trek, followed by camping in the jungle.




3º day – Breakfast in the jungle and then trek in the jungle for approx. 8 hours to learn about the medicinal plants and the world of the insects and animals as Tapir, armadillos, wild pigs, and tarantullas.Trekking in the night to learn how natives survive in the jungle . Sleep once again in the jungle.




4º day-  Breakfast in the boat, start to sail down stream to Juma lake, canoing to explore deep in the creek and inlets, at night after dinner spear fish. And then look for the night activity in the jungle.



5º- Sunrise at the Juma lake , breakfast, small trekking, lunch and then back to Manaus.

Arrival 6 P.M. in the Hotel.